Hair Colour Services

We offer a full range of colour services offfering our Davines Vegan colour range. From Half and Full head highlights to Balayage, colour correction and more, there is nothing stopping you from achieving your colour dreams! Skin test is required on new clients and existing clients based on COVID19 and NHBF regulations. For more information call the salon on 01473 805030.

Touch Up Roots From £44.00

Root To Ends (Short)  From £49.75

Roots To Ends (Long)  From £53.50

Roots To Ends ( Extra Long) From £60.00

Toner & Glossing From £26.00

Balayage Including Toner From £88.50

Balayage Without Toner From £71.50

Under 10 Slices From £25.00

Top From £41.00

T-Section From £52.50

1/2 Head From £61.00

Full Head From £82.00

Cap Highlights From £45.00

Colour Correction / Removal From £75.00

Skin Test required before colour service!