Our Ethos

Hairlistic is a unisex Hair Salon and Barbers combining the words Hair and Holistic to explain our unique approach to business.

We welcome you to our comfortable and homely salon.

We introduce:

Our unique express 10 minute split end cut – ideal if you are in a hurry or growing your hair out.

Our contemporary DIY blow dry bar – for those who like to try out new products, or are in a hurry, or like to style their own hair.

Our mirror-free zone if you prefer not to see your hair until it is finished. (Please request this when booking)

Haircare from within – supplements to enhance your well-being while promoting healthy hair.

Ear piercing with the Caflon system – safe and hygienic method of piecing earlobes.

Paraben-free hair products (wherever possible) – because we care about the well-being of our clients.

Eco- and Environmentally friendly (when and wherever possible) because we care about nature, wildlife, humankind and for the world in which we live.

Supporting local and national charities – because we want to make a difference.